by Mark & Kristen Morgan

Active Exploration

It’s important to look after your body when traveling, especially long term. We want to encourage and promote exploring actively to improve your travel experiences.

We’re big on hiking, so we try to do as many as we can when we visit new places. Another, simpler way to explore actively is to use your legs to walk, run or cycle over taking public transportation. Plus, it’s the best way to see a place!

Take a look at our articles that we hope will inspire you to travel more actively.

Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam: How to Book and Hike Gorgeous Sapa Valley
Hiking through golden yellow or emerald green rice paddy terraces surrounded by beautiful valleys as far as the eye can see sounds pretty damn incredible, right? It definitely should be…
Mua Cave Viewpoint Ninh Binh: Vietnam’s Best Vista | Complete Guide
The awe inspiring 360 degree panoramic vista at the summit of Mua Cave viewpoint is one of our favorite memories from a month traveling though Vietnam. Mua Cave viewpoint is…
Valle de la Luna: Orbit Moon Valley by Apollo Mountain Bike
Are you ready to explore the Atacama Desert's Valle de la Luna by mountain bike? A grand (and sweaty!) adventure awaits you! Lunar-like landscapes, geothermal geyser fields, salt lakes to…
Los Cahorros, Monachil: Hiking in the Sierra Nevada, Spain
The "Los Cahorros" trail in Monachil near Granada has been one of our favorite hiking trails to date! Why? Because it truly is an Indiana Jones like adventure. The Sierra…
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