by Mark & Kristen Morgan

Packing & Gear

The dreaded phase of packing for your trip is upon you. You have to whittle down your entire wardrobe into a backpack or suitcase, along with your media gear and essential travel items. How on Earth do you accomplish this seemingly impossible task? Discipline!

Take a look at our resources below to help you pack the right gear, more efficiently and carried in the perfect luggage.

A Traveler's BFF

First up on the packing agenda is arguably the most important. Do you need a suitcase or a backpack for your trip? What type of journey are you going on?

Take a look at what we’ve traveled with from day one and why we highly recommend these products.

"Must-Have" Items

So you’ve got your luggage? Great! Now it needs to be filled. Check out all of these essentials that have been carried with us around the world.

We are going to let you in on a little secret, some of the most random things have become the biggest lifesavers!

Got Your Speedos?

Heading to Europe in Summer? Trekking in unpredictable Patagonia? Backpacking Asia for the next several months?

We’ve put together our essential packing guides to help you efficiently take the right gear.

Get Snap Happy

Reminiscing over photos and videos are a timeless way to remember your adventures forever. We never get sick of looking at our amazing travel moments captured on camera. 

Check out the equipment we use to document our adventures!

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