by Mark & Kristen Morgan

Plan a Trip

Planning can be the most difficult aspect of any trip. Whether it’s getting the finances in place, booking a flight, or constructing a route through the country you’re visiting – we’ve been through the same process ourselves.

Our guides are designed to offer advice at each level of planning to help you build your adventure.

Travel Logistics

Planning a route through a new continent or country can be both exciting and frustrating. How do you choose where to go and which places to miss? Do you fly or take a long bus? Which hotels are you going to stay in along the way?

We’ve spent weeks poring over maps and booking engines to find the best deals on flights & accommodation to construct a route around the world.

Cold Hard Cash

The virtual number in your account that makes the world go round. We all need it to travel, but some are better than others at saving and spending! What is your travel budget? Ours is low-mid range so we look for the best deals but can also splash if something awesome comes up.

Check out our articles on finances to see if they can help you keep your virtual number a little higher.

Know Before You Go

We all need travel tips, both before and during our adventures. We always research tips about new destinations before we leave and exchange ideas with other travelers in country. Safety is paramount when travelers explore, we’ve experienced a few close calls ourselves but have built up a repertoire on how best to avoid issues.

Take a look at our tips and advice before you embark upon your next adventure.

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