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The world is full of extraordinary places for us all to visit. The problem we face as intrepid travelers is finding the time and money to see them all, right? We haven’t yet been to all of our bucket list destinations but we intend to hunt them down one by one.

We’re Mark & Kristen Morgan and we created “Where Are Those Morgans?” for everyone who wants to see what the world has to offer us, one place at a time. Here, you will find resources to help you discover new destinations, organize & plan your trip, prepare with packing & gear and lead a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Adventure awaits!


Railay Beach Destinations
New York City
Toledo Day Trips



The hardest part of any trip! We’re here to help you with the planning stage so you can focus on the exciting things instead!

packing and gear main image



So you’ve planned your trip? Perfect, now what should you pack? The ultimate question and one for which we have the answers!

Backpacks on the beach
Sony a-6000 in Vietnam
Hats, Passports, Wallet, etc for traveling



Whether on the road short-term or long-term, choosing healthy habits can truly make a difference!

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Mark and Kristen Hiking in Bariloche
Weight Bench
Kristen in a hammock

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