by Mark & Kristen Morgan


Having traveled around the world, we understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle when on the road, both physically and mentally. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of eating and drinking your way to a sluggish, exhausted state. Trust us, we know! Making the right exercise and nutrition choices can be the difference between a good or a great day.

Here are our guides on how to avoid the curse of the unhealthy traveler.

Hiking & Biking

Active exploration is discovering new places by foot or bicycle and challenging yourself with the best hiking opportunities.

Our passion for active travel promotes better health and mental well being.

The Belly Buster

Traveling can take it’s toll on your body. Taking care of yourself begins with choosing healthy eating habits and exercising when possible.

But we know it’s not easy! Take a look at how we try to juggle travel with keeping healthy.

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Mind Over Matter

Mental health is a hot topic in the world but many people don’t like to talk about it. We never thought we would need to either, but having traveled long term we noticed the effects it can have on our cognitive, behavioral and emotional well being.

Here’s what we did to combat the impacts.

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